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A great surround sound system only goes part-way to achieving cinema-like sound quality. The rest comes down to the acoustics of your home theatre. Crystal-clear dialogue, razor-sharp clarity, pinpoint focus and wrap-around sound depend as much on the room as on the equipment in it. The shape of your room, where you sit, where your speakers are placed, the location and materials of your furnishing and fittings—all of these elements contribute to peak audio performance. Our sound absorbing panels look good too and are a cost-effective way of restoring or transforming a space. Cables and wires are instantly covered without the need for electricians and plasterers. Our acoustic wall systems are used wherever it’s necessary to control sound or to improve audio quality

The Bottom Line

The application of home theater is intended to provide the consumer with an entertainment option that is suitable for watching TV and movies at home with a little extra excitement than you normally get just watching a plain-old TV by itself.

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