The latest technology in home lighting systems is simply stunning.

Highly customized automation allows for mood adjustments throughout the day as the natural light levels move throughout your home. Light now becomes an enhancement to architectural features and treasured art featuring it in it’s best ‘light’ at all times.

Sensors trigger as you come into a room or walk down a hallway, turning lights on and off as you need them. Advanced programming calculates sunrise, sunset and even adjusts for daylight savings time to ensure you have optimum lighting when you want it.


Our products make the best use of extreme lifetimes of LEDs


Retrofit options are mechanically and electronically fully interchangeable


LEDs require significantly less power than conventional technology


  • Exterior flood and spot lights support flight crew and ground personnel
  • Landing lights allow the pilot to identify the runway and any obstructions – especially at night and during challenging visibility conditions
  • Runway turnoff lights enable the pilot to find the runway exit
  • Taxi lights support safe movement on the ground
  • Wing and engine inspection lights help to identify icing during the flight. Logo lights improve the visibility of the airline’s logo on the vertical stabilizer to ground personnel
  • External emergency lights illuminate the escape route in case of evacuation.


Define your brand and the experience passengers have aboard your aircraft with our interior lighting. Products are designed to deliver an enhanced cabin appearance, improved safety and lower maintenance needs.

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