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Wall Carpets and Flooring

There’s much more than aesthetics to consider when choosing wall carpets and flooring for Home theatre, auditoriums and other public spaces. We have the expertise to help you decide what meets your needs

Wall Carpet

Wall carpet not only looks good – it’s extremely practical too. It’s ideal for auditoriums such as cinemas and theatres for several reasons, for instance it is acoustically absorbent. So, when used in conjunction with our acoustic wall panels, it helps to control sound reverberation.


Whatever type of floor covering you need, we can supply and install it. Hard flooring is better for foyers and between seats in auditoriums because it’s easier to clean and maintain. Our carpets are hard wearing and can sustain heavy footfall. Carpet also brings warmth to areas such as corridors and aisles, as well as function rooms. And of course it will absorb sound – ideal for multi-screen cinemas and multi-function spaces.


The Bottom Line

The application of home theater is intended to provide the consumer with an entertainment option that is suitable for watching TV and movies at home with a little extra excitement than you normally get just watching a plain-old TV by itself.

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